Rogue Chapter Recognizes Law Enforcement Agencies

The Rogue Chapter #1260 held a ceremony at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Medford, Oregon, on Tuesday, September 12, to recognize local law enforcement agencies.  Eight departments were present. 

NCOA International purchased the U.S. flagpole where the presentations took place and the Rogue Chapter built this park, a project that took 12 years to complete.  It is a special part of the Rogue Chapter’s history and an integral part of the southern Oregon story. 

Visit the chapter’s website (, then click on the Activities tab) to view individual presentation shots as well as group photographs with chapter members standing in front of one of the walls of donors and another in front of the Circle of Honor.

The Non Commissioned Officers Association pledges unconditional support to the law enforcement community and we urge our chapters to express their support of their local law enforcement agencies.  We have created a special certificate that chapters can print and present to their local law enforcement agencies.  Please click here for the certificate.