NCOA Rogue Chapter Receives Thank You Letters

Fellow NCOA Members & Troop Supporters:

The attached letters came from the National Guard unit in Somalia.  The NCOA Rogue Chapter has already shipped 16 care packages this month to troops in Somalia and Afghanistan, and thanks to the generous support and partnership from the City of Manzanita, OR, and the VA employees at the SORCC in White City, as well as a widow of an Air Force retiree, the chapter has  another 35 care packages ready to ship next week.  In addition, the VA has enough remaining items to ship for probably another 20+ care packages.

These letters clearly demonstrate the positive impact of the care packages the chapter has been shipping.  After this next shipment the chapter will have sent 74 care packages to troops in Somalia and Afghanistan in the first 3 months of 2020.  See letters.

Thank you my friends and fellow supporters of our troops!

Terry Haines
Chairman, NCOA Rogue Chapter