NCOA President/National Commander Testifies Before Joint Committee

Washington DC – NCOA President and National Commander Vince Patton III, MCPOCG-8 Retired, testified on Tuesday, March 6th at the SVAC/HVAC joint committee hearing.  “The demands on our military personnel and their families will not decrease. I believe over the next few years; we will see a significant increase in our engagements. For these reasons, your committee will be faced with even more challenging decisions.” said Mr. Patton.  “There is a nexus between how a nation takes care of its military personnel and veterans in relation to the future of military recruiting, military retention, readiness and capabilities in an all-volunteer force.”  Mr. Patton was joined by eight other VSOs representing PVA, AMVETS, VVA, AXPOW, IAVA, AUSN, WWP, and NGAUS.

View NCOA written testimony here.
Watch joint hearing here.