What is a Knight?
In early 1974 Jim Duncan, then NCOA President, and Mac McCaughey, Director of Public Relations, brainstormed and researched an idea for a new level of recognition. This new idea evolved around the theme of the knights, like those of the early days of yore. Since it was inappropriate to plagiarize the “Knights of the Round Table” it was decided that the “Knights of the Square Table” would be best to identify this new order of recognition.

Becoming a Knight is not another NCOA sponsored award. Knighthood is a way of life and a large commitment on your part. Becoming a Knight shows the Association and your fellow Knights that you are a leader and someone who is ready for more responsibilities within NCOA. Knighthood is a commitment – one that should not be entered into lightly.

What are the Levels of Knighthood?
The first level of Knighthood is the basic Knight of the Square Table (KST). You will be placed on Knight Councils and this is your opportunity to let your abilities shine. This is the learning phase of what Knighthood is all about. Read and know the Rules of the Order and Code of Ethics and live by them.

The Second level of Knighthood is the Order of the Sword (OS). At this level you have a good grasp of the meaning of Knighthood and know the Rules of the Order. You are ready to take on more responsibilities and handle more tasking. You have proven yourself to be a strong leader amongst your peers. You have achieved the next plateau.

The third level of Knighthood is the Order of Excalibur (OE). This is the highest level. At this point, you have proven yourself a leader and role model to the other members of the Association. You’re being groomed to take on a leadership role as a Commander of a Council. No longer are you sitting back and watching you’re more involved, answering questions and offering guidance whenever called upon.

What are Your Commitments?

  • Keep your dues up to date and current.
  • Attend at least one convention/conference in a three year period.
  • Keep the Grand Knight informed when circumstances prevent you from attending a convention/conference or of financial hardships that prevent payment of dues.
  • Notify the Grand Knight and the Knight Commander of any council you are appointed to if you cannot attend the NCOA Annual Membership Meeting and Knights’ Assembly.
  • Become active or be an advisor to the local chapter in your area. Assist other NCOA members in becoming a Knight of the Square Table, maintain and become knowledgeable of the Rules of the Order. Knight Petitions and Applications for Girding must be received not later than 90 days prior to the Annual Knights Assembly each year.
  • If you move to a new location you MUST notify the Knight Administrator and NCOA Member Services of your new address.

Petition for Knighthood

Girding Application

Emeritus Application