The University of Phoenix Office of Military and Veteran Affairs helps empower military-affiliated students and staff to create an exceptional student experience.

University of Phoenix appreciates and values military-affiliated students and recognizes that military experience can be excellent preparation for an academic degree. It is their passion to support these students with tailored resources to help them pursue success academically, professionally, and personally within their communities.

The University’s Office of Military and Veteran Affairs provides resources and establishes alliances with community-based organizations around the country to help ensure military-affiliated students have access to the educational resources, community support and career tools they need and deserve.

  • Veterans Resource Centers: Veterans Resource Centers (VRCs) are spaces designed to bring military veterans together, connecting them with local Veteran Service Organizations, events, and resources, and helping them to forge a supportive network.
  • American Corporate Partners: This alliance establishes free one-year 1:1 mentorships for post-9/11 veteran students and alumni with business leaders at Fortune 1000 companies. Additionally, all military-affiliated students get access to AdvisorNet, a virtual mentorship network.
  • Give an Hour: As the largest provider of free behavioral and mental healthcare for military, veterans, first responders and their dependents, the University’s alliance with Give an Hour provides all veteran students, alumni, and their families access to more than 7,000 clinical providers, providing them with free, confidential mental healthcare, as needed.
  • ScholarVets: The University’s Office of Military and Veteran affairs is working with ScholarVets to offer a peer-to-peer network that connects veterans around the country, providing them with an online resource to form groups according to interest, program, physical location or educational and career needs.

The University of Phoenix has partnered with the NCOA to offer eligible members considerable discounts on tuition and resource fees. This is an exciting opportunity that you don’t want to miss!

Eligible members of NCOA can receive:

  • 25% off Graduate and Post Graduate Programs.
  • Potential students who enroll within thirty days following the meeting can have the current application fee waived for Graduate and Post-Graduate programs.
  • Waiver of eResource fees for eligible undergraduate students.

Members in the following NCOA Divisions are eligible for the discount:

  • Regular Division (E-4 through E-9)
  • Apprentice Division (active duty E-1s through E-3s only)
  • International Auxiliary (current spouses and widows/widowers only)

Members of the Veterans’ Division and Associate Division are not eligible for the UOP discounts.

The University of Phoenix also offers active duty members of the military and their spouses’ significant discounts on undergraduate programs.

For more information, or to register, call 844-YES-UOPX (844-937-8679), or go to  Mention that you are a member of the NCOA so that you can get the discounts you deserve.  Membership will be verified by UOP officials.  NCOA members must provide their University of Phoenix adviser a copy of their NCOA membership card.

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