NCOA’s 2019 Vanguard Award Recipients. L-R SGT Antonio T. Adams, Cpl Daniel B. Aguirre Vargas, HM2 (FMF) Axel A. Wong, TSgt Levi T. Owen, and BM2 Tracy L. Mannes.


The Military Vanguard Award of the Non Commissioned Officers Association is awarded annually to a single member from each of the armed services who has distinguished himself or herself through acts of heroism. The selection is done through a rigorous nominating and screening process within each of the five military services. This award commemorates and honors an enlisted Medal of Honor recipient of each branch of service. Military service is based on a sense of duty, on the assumption that the common good is more important than the individual, that the welfare of the whole supersedes individual rights. The actions meriting the receipt of this award by this year’s honorees, personify the spirit and intent of this prestigious recognition.

NCOA is honored to recognize our 2019 Military Vanguard Recipients.  Click below to read their stories.

U.S. Army Vanguard Award Recipient – SGT Antonio T. Adams

U.S. Marine Corps Vanguard Award Recipient – Cpl Daniel B. Aguirre Vargas

U.S. Navy Vanguard Award Recipient – HM2 (FMF) Axel A. Wong

U.S. Air Force Vanguard Award Recipient – TSgt Levi T. Owen

U.S. Coast Guard Vanguard Award Recipient – BM2 Tracy L. Mannes