NCOA International Auxiliary

     The International Auxiliary membership division consists of: Spouses/former spouses, widows/widowers, and family members 18 years of age or older of enlisted service members, whether active duty, separated, veteran, Reserve or National Guard, in Grades E-1 through E-9.  In addition to the Auxiliary membership counting towards the Association’s total membership, Auxiliary members support the Non Commissioned Officers Association and its’ aims, goals, and ideals in a multitude of ways.


The International Auxiliary Board of Directors currently consists of seven Auxiliary members from across the United States with each serving a three year term. The current President is Dianne Carnahan (Colorado Springs, CO), Vice President Ronda Smith (Tucson, AZ), Secretary Vicki Cope (Lompoc, CA), Treasurer Patricia Weaver (Colorado Springs, CO) and Board Members Lee Fike (San Antonio, TX), Gloria Martinez (Abilene, TX) and Sue Ytzen (Colorado Springs, CO).  This Board is a dedicated group of individuals who support the goals and objectives of the Auxiliary and the Non Commissioned Officers Association.  Please feel free to contact the International Auxiliary Board with your questions, comments or recommendations.  The e-mail address is


2016-2017 International Auxiliary Board of Directors

2016-17 International Auxiliary Board of Directors (L-R) – Lee Fike, Gloria Martinez, Pat Weaver (Treasurer), Dianne Carnahan (President), Ronda Smith (Vice President), Vicki Cope (Secretary), and Sue Ytzen.


Message From the Auxiliary President