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NCOA Photos & Videos

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Fort Walton Expo Photos

Fort Walton Expo PhotosDSC_0032DSC_0033DSC_0034DSC_0035DSC_0036DSC_0037DSC_0038DSC_0039DSC_0040DSC_0006DSC_0007DSC_0008DSC_0009DSC_0010DSC_0012DSC_0013DSC_0014DSC_0015DSC_0016DSC_0017DSC_0018DSC_0019DSC_0020DSC_0021Lockheed MartinDSC_0023DSC_0024DSC_0025DSC_0026DSC_0027DSC_0029

NCOA Career Expo Video

NCOA Career Expo Video

NCOA Comedy Night for the Troops – Video

NCOA Comedy Night for the Troops - Video

NATCO Photos

NATCO Photos_DSC0976_DSC0983_DSC1013_DSC1015_DSC1016_DSC1025_DSC1998_DSC2008_DSC2013_DSC3696_DSC37140819_kilimanjaro-3062010 In Memory Day – Tribute2010 In National In-Memory Day –  Senator Murkowski AK~120061112_291720080123_172220080123_172520080306_254720080306_255920080602_317620080602_319620080602_319820080602_3201Akaka, Overstreet and FJSNA DSC_0059Dick and Anne Schneider at NCOA Hosted reception at th~1Dick and Anne Schneider at NCOA Hosted reception for  ~1DSCN0117DSUSA Mount Kilimanjaro August 2010100617-D-7377C-041IMAG0073IMAG0079IMG_0483img452US ARMY Prime Power School Production Specialist Course and ASI Course Class 07-1 Graduation. U.S. Army Photo by Mary DiazMatt and GeneMCPON Award Ceremony Recognizing Navy’s Sailors of the~1Memorial Day At the National  Vietnam Veterans MemorialMichigan NCOA Chapter WWII PresentationMilitary Joint Services Color TeamMr. Terry Schow (L) and OverstreetNational  In-Memory Day, Dick Schneider SpeakerNCOA Cosponsor of HUD Memorial Day ProgramHUD Schneide~1NCOA Guests at Joint Hearing of House and Senate Veter~1NCOA NDF Capitol Hill ReceptionNCOA NDF Reception on Capitol HillNCOA Outrigger with Wounded WarriorsNCOA President Obama Vets Day 2009NCOA Testimony Congressional Reception honoring Enlist~1NDF Flag Wreath ANCSenator Akaka receiving WWII with TSgt Bullough NCOA V~1Solemn HonorsSurfing DSUSA Picture Picture Feb 4 039Tammy Sullivan in House Veteran Round Table on Women’s~1Tammy Sullivan, International Auxiliary President at a~1USMC Lejeune Schneider and Air Crew memberVets Day NCOA WreathWashington Monument